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Albi Mendoza

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Christophe Burillon

I am from Paris, France, a nice country known for good food!

By chance, I discovered dancing salsa, 10 years ago. It was a total change in my life.

Dance makes me feel confident, happy and full of energy. Also, you make a lot of friends because salsa dance is universal.

Let's start together!


Albi Mendoza

I am from La Paz, Bolivia a beautiful country of mountains and jungle forest in the heart of South America. In my culture, dance is essential to our daily lives.


My first memory of me dancing - me at five years old, following a music band in a parade. For me, dance is a way of sharing, transmitting joy and positivity. Seeing my students smile in my classes generates a lot of personal satisfaction.


Apart from seeing that they are having a fun time, I know that these activities are favourable for their well-being physically, mentally and socially. That is why I think that everyone should dance no matter age, gender background and ability just dance and enjoy music. In my country, we say that “dancing takes all sorrows away”.

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